Is Google Making Us Stupid?

After reading Nicholas Carr’s article titled “Is Google Making Us Stupid? I somewhat agree with the author that the internet is spoling todays youth. Carr argues that he doesn’t think the way he used to  because he has all of the information he needs readily available to him at the click of a mouse. But my argument to that is, isn’t that a good thing? Carr thinks  that the internet will stunt our growth in terms of not being able to retain knowledge because we wont have to work hard for the answers that we have questions to. I agree with him on this sentiment but I feel that people abuse the internet and do not use it for its intended purpose.


Professors Start your Blogs

After reading Dan Cohen’s article “Professors Start Your Blogs”, I would have to agree with the author on his statement that teachers should become more active within the “blogging world.” Cohen does state that like books, “There are a lot of trash out there and there are some gems worth reading” when it comes to blogs but that shouldn’t deter teachers from sharing their knowledge with people who are willing to listen to them.  Which gets to my next point that getting professors to blog will only enhance the information that is out there. Cohen says that, “A good blog provides a platform to frame discussions on a topic and point to resources of value” I think thats important to note  because not only will these discussions be of value to people with whom the information is shared with but for the professors as well, as they might be able to enhance discussions within their own classrooms. Cohen goes on to say that while some professors may not have the time to blog or worry about some one else stealing their ideas, there are copyright laws in blogs just as there are in books. And as far as time is concerned professors can blog as they please. If they don’t have time to blog then there shouldn’t be any pressure to. So I say to all the professors out there start your blogs!